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VOLUNTEERS are the heart and soul of our rescue! We need volunteers many activities involved in running the rescue and caring for our dogs. Time is donated on an as needed and availability basis. An email address is required, as most volunteer opportunites are sent out by email.

DOG WALKING: Volunteers donate time to care for our dogs at the boarding facilities we use (Balcom Canyon Pet Lodge in Somis, and Canine Adoption and Rescue League near Ventura). Each dog needs to be walked, cuddled and played with for an hour out of the kennel daily. Experienced volunteers can be cleared for off-site adventures by the Volunteer Coordinator, as well. An orientation is provided with an experienced volunteer teaching about kennel protocols and dog walking guidelines.

ADOPTION EVENT VOLUNTEER: We need help on weedends, usually Saturdays, to handle our dogs at adoption events held at various locations in Ventura County. Training is provided at each event in safe handling, public interaction, and general information about rescue work and AFLAR.

TRANSPORT: We often need volunteers to transport dogs to vet appointments, adoption events, etc.

FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE: AFLAR is funded completelly by donations, so continual fundraising is essential. We need people to work on various types of fundraising events, as well as grant writing and securing sponsors and donors. All fundraising ideas are welcome!


FOSTER COMMITTEE: The Foster Committee helps to find foster homes, and supports foster homes that are caring for our AFLAR dogs. This includes doing home checks, matching foster dogs to the homes, training foster parents in dog care, and providing all materials necessary for dog care. AFLAR provides food, equipment, beds, crates, toys and vetting, as needed. Training is also provided, if needed.

MARKETING COMMITTEE: We need volunteers to work on all aspects of "marketing" our dogs. This includes social media, public relations, distributing flyers, networking our dogs for adoption, and community outreach. All ideas are welcome. The more people that know about us and support us, the more lives we can save!

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