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All For Love Animal Rescue team members (from left to right) Kathleen MacGregor (Vice President), Maripat Davis (Founder and President), and Karin Sterling (volunteer).

All For Love Animal Rescue, Inc. (AFLAR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit all-volunteer animal rescue group dedicated to saving dogs from high-kill shelters in California.  We are an all-breed rescue, but focus on saving dogs from euthanasia—primarily pit bull mixes, seniors, moms and pups, and those needing medical care.  We rescue, rehabilitate, and find forever homes through adoption events, networking, and community outreach. We advocate for animal welfare, affordable spay and neuter programs, and ending backyard breeding. Through education, we strive to restore the positive image of the American Pit Bull Terrier, as the loving family dog it truly is. We depend 100% on charitable donations to rescue, board, vet, train, and provide medical care, for all of our dogs. Since 2011, AFLAR has saved the lives of countless hundreds of dogs.

AFLAR is foster-based, which means all rescued dogs go into foster homes or into temporary boarding, until their forever homes are found. We rely on volunteers and foster homes, to help us carry out our mission. Maripat says, "Our volunteers are amazing, and I am so grateful to work with such dedicated and compassionate people.  Our volunteers and foster homes make it possible to continue our life-saving work."


All For Love Animal Rescue founder and President, Maripat Davis, began rescuing animals in 2009, and founded AFLAR in 2011. AFLAR has grown into one of the hardest working rescues around, and has saved hundreds of dogs.  They have earned the unique distinction of rescuing more Pit Bulls from VCAS (Ventura County Animal Services, in Camarillo), than any other rescue group.

"Thank you, AFLAR, for helping us for so many years and being a champion for our bully breeds!  All For Love Animal Rescue is the only rescue committed to pulling pit bull type dogs, from our county and placing them in loving homes.  We urge our villagers to Like their Facebook page, and support their efforts.  They cannot do this without your help."

Tara Diller,  former Director

VCAS (Ventura County Animal Services)

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