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Adoptable Dogs

For a complete list of our dogs currently available for adoption, click this link: AFLAR DOGS


My name is Harley, and I'm looking for my forever home!

My rescue friends say I am a volunteer favorite because I am such a happy, playful guy who makes everyone smile! They say I am lots of fun and that I love to cuddle, too.  I love car rides, tummy rubs, and an occasional bath. My favorite game is playing ball, and the rest of the time I am just happy to hang out with people.


I love my walks and am learning to walk nicely without pulling, and I know some basic commands. I’m housebroken and I rarely bark. 


I love everyone I meet, but I have to admit that young children can make me a little nervous. I met a really cool hamster in one of my foster homes, but I still haven’t figured out cats. I have gone on lots of pack walks with other dogs and participated in several large dog playgroups. I liked some of the dogs and didn’t get along with others…I guess you could say that I’m dog selective, and would be OK when carefully introduced to any new dogs.

I live in a foster home now, and I love my crate and my toys. I'm a good boy when my foster mom is at work. Sometimes she takes me to work with her and I love hanging out there, and meeting all the people!

Harley is 8-years-old, neutered, microchipped and up-to-date with shots.

CONTACT: (805) 445-3535

More Photos and Info: Petfinder


Gracie is looking for her forever home! This sweet, gentle girl is an old soul. She looks into your eyes with with such patience and wisdom. She is 8-years-young and around 60lbs. She is easy-going and mellow, but has a playful side, too. Her owner since puppyhood could no longer keep her due to life changes, and she misses him. He was a truck driver and she used to ride with him in the truck every day. She is happy on car rides, and waits politely for her person to return from errands. Gracie is recovering her happiness in her foster home with AFLAR. She is looking for that special someone to bond with again. She is a very special dog. She is very tuned in to people, and naturally moves to give comfort and affection when needed. She would make a wonderful therapy dog. She is gentle and calm, and loves to snuggle with her head on your lap. Her energy is very soothing and healing to be around. Gracie is good with children and enjoys being around children of all ages. She is very loving with them. She is also crate trained and is very comfortable in her crate. She has had some obedience training. She is really smart, learns quickly, listens to commands, and wants to please. She has lovely house manners, and doesn’t chew or get into things she’s not supposed to.


Gracie is also playful. She likes her squeaky toys and balls, and loves her walks. She lived happily with a cat, and shared her water bowl. She had a couple of friends, a Husky mix and a German shepherd that she used to play with. She gets along well with other dogs who are respectful of her. Placing her with a mellow dog would be a good fit for her. Gracie would love a home where her family is around a lot, because she doesn't like to be alone too much... and she has so much love to give!

If you are interested in a wonderful companion and someone who will love you unconditionally, GRACIE is your girl!!!

Gracie is 8-years-old, spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on shots.

CONTACT: (805) 445-3535

More Photos and Info: Petfinder


Hi there, my name is Roxie! I am a happy 3-year-old girl and I’m looking for my forever home!

I really love people, and love to cuddle and give kisses! I have medium energy, and I’m delighted to hang out with you on the couch and watch your favorite show. 


I like going for walks, I'm potty trained, and my foster mom says I have good leash manners. I enjoy meeting all kinds of people, and my foster mom says I wag my tail so hard meeting new friends that it makes her laugh!

I enjoy my yard, and I love watching the birds and clouds. I love sleeping all night on my own bed near my foster mom and sister. With proper introductions, I get along well with dogs my size (not so much with little dogs), and will do best with an alpha type dog. I enjoy playing with my big doggy foster sister, but  I don't like to share my food with her, and prefer to eat in the other room. But I’m okay sharing my toys and everything else!

Foster mom says I weigh 50 lbs, so I’m not a very big girl. I would fit right into your heart very easily and I would be your best friend!!!

Roxie is 3-years-old, spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date with shots.

CONTACT: (805) 445-3535

More Photos and Info: Petfinder


NALA is a beautiful senior girl with years of love to give! She has a big heart, and an even bigger wish for a Forever Home! 


Nala is very friendly and loves meeting new people! Look into Nala’s golden brown eyes and you’ll see pure love. In Swahili, her name means “Beloved Gift,” and if you meet her once, you’ll see why. Nala will greet you when you come home with a huge smile, dancing paws and wet kisses! She likes leisurely strolls and meeting new people. Life is a marathon for this girl, not a sprint! Nala is fine on walks with dogs her own size but no small dogs or cats. Nala would like to be your best friend and would do best in a home as your “one and only.” 


This brindle beauty is a gentle, affectionate, dignified and very happy girl! She knows all of these commands: sit, wait, look at me, she takes treats gently, she likes tennis balls and playing tug. Nala loves rides well in a car, is house-trained, and a quiet easy going companion in the home. She loves baths and brushing and she will wait patiently at home when you are at work. Who could ask for more?


This “Beloved Gift” is waiting to meet you today!


Nala is 10-years-old, spayed, microchipped and up-to-date with shots.

CONTACT: (805) 445-3535

More Photos and Info: Petfinder


Hi there, my name is Snugs. Sometimes my foster mom calls me Snuggy. I am 7-years-old and a chill, easy going guy. I have learned all kinds of things since I came to live with my foster mom. Like how not to jump on the couch unless I’m invited (though when she goes out for a minute, I sometimes do zoomies around the room and across the couch). I learned something called place, where I have to stay and its very boring, usually I fall asleep. I know all the regular stuff like sit, wait and come. I love my foster mom, so I mostly do what she says. She also feeds me, and boy do I love my food! I like to hang with my doggy friends and I love to run around and play with them for a few minutes... then I like to take a nap. I would love a forever home where I can have other big doggie friends who know how to play nice. 

I get a little worried when my foster mom leaves, so I’d like a home where my forever family is around a lot. I’m really good at hanging out in my crate though. I talk a lot and give my opinion about things. That makes my foster mom laugh. She thinks my noises are funny. I’m a pretty serious guy but my foster mom laughs at me a lot. That makes me happy. I love being near my people, but don’t have to be hanging all over you all the time. A cuddle and pat is good, and lying next to you on the couch is great!! I'm a little shy at first meeting new people, but when I get to know you, I am so happy to see you again and we are BFF’s! My favorite things are walks, car rides, couch cuddles, playing with my dog friends, taking naps, playing with my toys, sunbaths and eating. Like I said, I am mellow little man looking for a quiet home where I can have the people I love, and a doggy friend or two. I’m pretty good company and good for a laugh. 


My favorite day just happened! We woke up, and went out and peed in the garden. Then we ate breakfast and my foster Mom gave me a morning cuddle. Then I took a nap. Then we went on a car ride to the place near the beach and met a bunch of dog and people friends and went walking. We met lots of new people and had snacks. Then I slept all the way home. When I got home, I went next door and played chase with my girlfriend. Then I went home and took a nap. After that I played with my toys and chewed my antler for a little while. Then I was tired, so I took a nap. Then we ate dinner. Foster Mom and I had another cuddle, then I crashed for the night cause I was a tired boy. My foster Mom says, "Snugs is a darling boy!"


Snugs is 7-years-old, neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on his shots.


CONTACT: (805) 445-3535

More Photos and Info: Petfinder

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