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Kent & Polbora Pulled From Shelter

Dear Friends, I’m so happy to be able to share this awesome news with you! AFLAR pulled KENT and POLBORA from the Camarillo Animal Shelter yesterday—what a wonderful, amazing day!!!! Two of our great AFLAR volunteers, Shannon Wall and Carol Mathews, met me at the shelter, to help pick up Kent & Polbora. Kent made an entrance. When he saw us waiting for him, he ran toward us and threw himself on the floor, wiggling around and begging for belly rubs. What a goofball! I wish someone had been videotaping, because it was so funny, everyone was laughing and he was just so silly and happy. Polbora was super sweet and calm as she greeted us. She is a beautiful, gentle girl. We coaxed her into the car with treats, and she was so trusting and gentle. Thank you for your support. We could not continue to save lives without your help. Maripat Davis, President & Founder

All For Love Animal Rescue

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