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Aspen is Rescued—Needs Medical Donations!

AFLAR pulled ASPEN, a sweet senior Samoyed dog, from the shelter yesterday. This has been a labor of love for everyone involved. ASPEN came into the shelter as a stray, not able to walk or potty on his own. The shelter staff and vets office at VCAS reached out for help on this dog, as he had no chance of being adopted with his serious medical issues. A wonderful Samoyed rescue in Utah, Y-NOT SAVE A SAM RESCUE, was willing to take Aspen, but needed help with the pull from the shelter, a neurological consult after leaving the shelter, and medical boarding until transport to Utah could be arranged. The details, timing, and medical care involved were a little complicated!

AFLAR pulled Aspen from the shelter, and arranged a consult with Dr O’Neill at Access Specialty Animal Hospital. We were happy to coordinate paperwork and communications between the shelter, ASG Hospital, and Yvette with the Samoyed rescue. Nicky from SPARC helped to arrange a transporter, Todd, who met me at the shelter yesterday and helped bring Aspen to his vet appointment in the valley. From there, Aspen went into medical boarding at CARE in Los Angeles, until his May 3rd transport to Utah.

The neurologist at ACCESS found that an MRI is needed to determine exactly what is going on with Aspen and what is needed. Aspen also has some serious dental work to be done, and may well need physical therapy and more. Due to the obvious expense of all of this, medical donations are urgently needed for Aspen!

Aspen is the sweetest soul! He is happy, friendly, and seems very motivated to live and enjoy life! Please consider a donation to help with all of his medical care. DONATION INFO: Paypal— or send checks to Yvette Nielsen, Y-Not Save A Sam Rescue, 333 W. 100 N., Logan, Utah, 84321. Their website is

BIG THANKS to Jane at VCAS for all her time & hard work; the staff, volunteers and vets office at VCAS for their care of Aspen; Nicky, Todd and SPARC for their special help; networkers (especially Robin & Arianna); and last but not least, Yvette and Danielle with Y-Not Save A Sam Rescue, for taking on this deserving boy!!!

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