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Happy News for Lady!

AFLAR rescued LADY, a sweet senior girl from VCAS last Friday, and we've been so busy I haven’t had a chance to let you all know yet. Lady was at the shelter for a long time. She was turned in because she was “old.” Lady wasn’t having luck finding a home because she is a senior AND a Pit Bull mix. I met Lady a month or so ago at the shelter, and have been working on finding the right foster home for her. Lady has arthritis and joint issues, so I didn’t want her going into boarding. She needed to have a FOSTER HOME to go into! So on Friday, AFLAR pulled her and took her straight to the vet, where she had a thorough exam. We did a urine culture and sensitivity, which told us she had a kidney infection, so we got her started on antibiotics immediately. We also got her on some good joint support.

Lady is now is a wonderful foster home, and already feeling and looking much happier!!! SPECIAL THANKS to Gail Major for all her help with Lady, and to Joanna McCoy for transport help. BIG THANKS to Karin, Maneena, Chelsea, and Becky for all the hard work they do, and for heir wonderful support!!! AFLAR was able to save Lady's life because someone opened their heart and home to her. It’s called a FOSTER HOME!!!

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