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Moody Has Forever Home!!!

This is one of the HAPPIEST rescue announcements I’ve ever made!!! And one of the most persona. I am over the moon excited to tell you about a MIRACLE that just happened!!! Three months ago, my family and I lost our beloved and treasured angel, our pit bull named Tara. I haven’t been able—emotionally—to write my tribute to Tara yet, but that is for another time. A few days before we lost our Tara, I was contacted by Stephanie, who had adopted a precious pit bull from AFLAR named BeBe (renamed Pheobie) several years ago. Stephanie had contacted me to tell me that she was having to put down Pheobie, because she had terminal cancer and was in pain. I cried… for Phoebe… and for my Tara... but I didn’t say anything to Stephanie because I didn’t want to add to her burden.

Fast forward to a month later, I was at the shelter (VCAS) meeting dogs who needed rescue. When I was done for the day and needing to leave the shelter, I walked past the kennels and noticed one dog. She pressed her body against her kennel and locked eyes with me. The sign on her kennel said her name was MOODY. There was just something about her that drew me to her. It was late and getting dark outside, and she had the white side of her face facing me (the other side of her face is caramel colored). It wasn’t until I came back a couple days later that I was able to take her out into an exercise yard, and truly meet her. Not only was she sweet and happy and playful, but now that I could see her entire face—both sides of her face (the white side & the caramel side) and her markings, I realized she looked like my Tara! I found out MOODY was urgent at the shelter. She was not kenneling well, and she was showing signs of kennel stress. I asked the shelter for time, and promised to work on her. Trainer Gail Major, who donates countless hours of her time to AFLAR, began working with Moody at the shelter on a regular basis. And the more I visited Moody, the more I fell in love with her! Trainer/Behaviorist Diana Edwards also met me at the shelter to assess and work with Moody, and she loved her, too! Shelter volunteers who knew Moody all said what a sweet girl she was! MOODY couldn’t go into another boarding situation, so I couldn’t pull her and board her. She needed to be in a HOME. This is where FOSTER HOMES SAVE LIVES.

When I was praying for a foster or home for Moody, I thought of Stephanie, and how she had lost her Phoebe a few days before I lost my Tara. I called her, and after talking to Stephanie and telling her all about Moody, she wanted to meet her! Gail and I went to the shelter, picked up Moody, and took her to meet Stephanie and her wonderful family. They fell in love, and Moody is now RUBY, and she is in her FOREVER HOME!!! Thank you to the shelter volunteers and shelter staff. A big Thank You to Diana, Kristin, Linda, Sue, and a special Thank You to Gail for helping me with my mission to save Moody. Stephanie wrote me today, “Thank you so much for trusting us with her. She is such a sweet girl. I haven’t cried since she got here. I’ve cried every day since Phoebe died. She is already mending our hearts.” Angels do that. I knew I had to save MOODY, and I knew she deserved a special and extraordinary family. MOODY—NOW RUBY, HAS FOUND HER SPECIAL AND EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY. 💗💗💗

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