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Sadie Has a New Forever Home!!!

Sadie is adopted!!! This little love muffin stole a lot of hearts, and she had so many people wanting to adopt her! I was contacted by Kaitlyn, who found “Baby" as a stray, and took her in and fostered her. She would have loved to adopt Baby herself, but her big dog at home did not like other dogs and so it was not possible. Kaitlyn and her mother and sister were all angels, and took such good care of Baby, while trying to find her a good home or a rescue to help. I decided to take Baby on under AFLAR, and then Baby was spayed, got all her shots, and was microchipped. After just one plea, I was contacted by so many wonderful people. It was heartwarming to talk to so many folks with big hearts, who were touched by Baby’s sweet face. Baby’s new parents are Mark and Chris, and they ADORE her!!! Her new name is “SADIE," and she has her new parents all to herself—although she has doggie friends in the neighborhood. Her Dad works from home, and her Mom works 4 days a week, so Sadie gets a lot of attention every day, which of course, she certainly deserves! Mark and Chris tell us that "she is a delightful and very loving dog. We are so happy to have her!"

Happy New Beginnings sweet girl. 💗💗💗

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