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Penny Finds Her Forever Home!!!

We are so happy to announce that All For Love Animal Rescue’s PENNY is adopted!!! Gail and Bob have welcomed Penny into their home and family. She has met the whole family, two and four-footed, and they all love her! She will be living with Gail and Bob and will have them all to herself, but will have doggie playmates in the family. Penny also has a wonderful yard to sniff around in, and a big deck to sun herself on. Gail and Bob fell in love with Penny the moment they met her. They have continued to tell us how wonderful she is, and how happy they are to adopt her and have her forever! The AFLAR family is overjoyed our sweet little princess has found her family! Thank you to all of our AFLAR volunteers who helped care for and love Penny, while she waited for her forever home. It was worth the wait. Happy New Beginnings, precious girl!!!

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