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Jetta Needs Your Help to Fight Cancer!

We are trying to raise the money for Jetta to have three mast cell tumors removed. This will be Jetta's fourth surgery for mast cell cancer, and the vet says the only way to keep her healthy, is to surgically remove the tumors. The estimate for her surgery is $900. Jetta is on special a special diet and supplements, and is getting all the preventive care that is recommended. Jetta is a healthy young dog, otherwise. She is very loved, and is living a happy life with her forever foster family. AFLAR has committed to taking care of Jetta's health throughout her life, and we want to insure that Jetta remains healthy. We need your help to make sure that our beautiful girl enjoys the long life that she deserves. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! AFLAR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and survives solely on donations. Please donate and share Jetta's story so that she can stay cancer free! Here is the link to JETTA'S FUNDRAISER—PLEASE DONATE & SHARE:

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