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Misty Has Found Her Forever Home!

Misty's adoption story is one of the sweetest AFLAR has encountered. Misty is middle-aged and was overweight and had arthritis when we rescued her from the Camarillo Animal Shelter. Because of her age and arthritis, she didn’t get easily adopted. She spent two years in boarding, while we tried to find her a home. We all fell in love with her, and she got a lot of love from our AFLAR volunteers She was sad in the kennel, but always joyful and happy when she was out with us at adoptions, or on special outings. Misty hung in there—she is a total trooper!

Last year, at a special event that AFLAR decided to attend at the last minute, a very special thing happened—Rosie met Misty. It was an instant connection! Somehow, Rosie saw the very special, quirky, funny dog all our AFLAR volunteers come to love, but no potential adopter had seen before. But sadly, Rosie's house was full and she couldn't adopt Misty. Misty does best in a one dog home, and Rosie had several rescue dogs. For the next six months, Rosie and her husband Tom did everything they could to make Misty's life wonderful and help AFLAR find her a forever home. They took her to the Barkley Pet Hotel for water therapy, and funded some special meds to help her arthritis. They also took her all over on daily walks with her "adopt me" vest on. They donated spa stays at the Barkley, and the the Barkley to help network her. Misty began to loose weight! She walked more, she was not in pain, and she was feeling loved and special. She became Rosie's office dog during the day. But sadly, she had to go back to boarding at night. Despite everyone's efforts, Misty still did not find a home and get adopted.

Getting pit bull type dogs forever homes can be very challenging, particularly if they are older, or have health or behavior issues. It can take years for some to find their forever family. Meanwhile, Rosie and Tom moved to a larger home. As the move drew near, Rosie and Tom began to acknowledge that Misty had somehow truly become their dog! The bond they had all formed was strong and deep. They just had to figure out a way to make it work with their pack. So they built Rosie her own room with a couch and TV in their new house, where they would hang out with Misty and often sleep with her. They rotate all the dogs, and Misty is Rosie's office dog during the day. She has a big yard to play in and a loving forever home at last! Rosie and Tom are committed to integrating her into their pack as much as possible, with our trainers guidance. Misty is being showered with love and attention! Her health needs will always be met, and she has a forever family that absolutely adores her! This was truly a journey we have all taken together with this precious dog and this family, starting with an event that AFLAR almost didn't attend—and ending with Misty's loving forever home AT LAST!!!

We want to give a very special thank you to several AFLAR volunteers who, over the last two years, have poured a lot of love into this girl, and kept her heart from breaking. This allowed her to be ready for her forever people when they came. Thank you so much for your care of our Misty girl! Finally, we want to thank Rosie and Tom for the enormous effort they have made for the love of a dog. They totally turned Misty's life around. They gave of themselves—their unwavering love, time and attention—and most precious of all, despite all the obstacles, they gave her a loving home. We love you Rosie & Tom, and cannot think of a more amazing and loving couple to entrust our precious Misty to! Saving one dog won't change the world, but surely the world will change for that one dog. Happy New Beginnings Misty!!!

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