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AFLAR Rescues Stormy from Shelter

I am beyond thrilled to tell you that AFLAR rescued Stormy, who has now been named "SNUGGLES." Fortunately, we have a foster for him, since he could not go into boarding. I feel very blessed that my dear friend and partner, AFLAR’s Vice President Kathleen MacGregor, was ready to open her home and heart to him. AFLAR just lost one of our very special dogs, Reini, to liver cancer, whom Kathleen was fostering. Maybe Reini was watching over Stormy, and somehow had a hand in this. The bottom line is AFLAR was able to rescue another Pit Bull because we had a FOSTER! If you want to help SAVE LIVES, please consider FOSTERING. FOSTERS SAVE LIVES!!! Special Thank's to Kim Flavin, Gail Major, Karin Sterling, and Kathleen MacGregor. And a big Thank You to Tara Diller and the VCAS staff and volunteers, who are working like crazy to keep the oh-so-many dogs at the shelter healthy, happy, exercised, nurtured, and loved.

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