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Raven is Looking for a Forever Home!

Sweet little Raven is looking for a forever home. She is an adorable female Chihuahua mix, only 6 lbs., about 10-years-old, and super sweet!!! She was living out in a yard for the last several years, and was rescued from an abusive home. She is a dainty princess that belongs on someone's lap all the time. If you would like a cute little shadow, then she is for you. She is not a barker or fearful of people. She sleeps great in a crate, or in a bed! She’s not too interested in toys. She’d rather CUDDLE!!! She is very social! She will follow you everywhere throughout the house. She gets along with other little dogs and with cats. Raven loves people and is kid friendly. Raven is looking for a loving forever home.

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