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Little Bill is "Touched By An Angel"!

To me, this story is a little miracle!!! I was at the Camarillo shelter recently, meeting dogs who needed rescue, and I went into the lobby for a minute. I saw a little dog, named Bill, who was about to be turned into the shelter. I went up to the couple and asked them not to turn him in. I asked them if they could keep him a little longer. I promised them if they could give me a little time, I would find him a forever home. They said yes. This dog had been abandoned and they had come to his rescue. They really loved him. But the problem was that the woman is a caregiver and is gone 6 out of 7 days a week, and her husband works very long hours. They wanted Bill to be in a home where he got more attention, and wouldn’t be left alone most of the time. They said he deserved better than what they were able to give him. They thought he would get a good home and be adopted from the shelter. I told them that not only was the shelter overflowing with dogs who needed homes, but that it might be traumatizing to Little Bill, and that’s why I wanted to keep him out of the shelter and help to find him a home. They were grateful, we exchanged phone numbers, and I got a plea up for Bill as soon as I could.

People were very kind and shared Little Bill’s picture and story. But it wasn’t until I posted him a second time that I got a foster offer (thank you Lisa!) quickly followed by a call from Beate, who adopted Chica from AFLAR a couple years ago. Beate said that she could give Little Bill a home! In fact, right before she saw my plea for Bill, Beate said she had asked Chica how she would like a little brother—the thought had just come into her head! And then, she saw my plea for Little Bill!

Beate came to my home yesterday and met Little Bill. On my front porch, next to my bright pink door, sits my favorite angel (along with other angel and animal statues). Little Bill went right up to my favorite angel and kissed her! I just managed to get a picture as he went up to her. It was so incredibly sweet, and kind of magical! It seemed like he knew she was special and like he knew that a miracle was happening. He was being ADOPTED and about to have his own Forever Family!!!

With Love & Gratitude, Maripat

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