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All For Love Rescues Clove!

I wanted to share with you some joyous news for Thanksgiving—CLOVE IS SAFE!!! I picked her up from the shelter yesterday on Thanksgiving Eve, and brought her to a vet hospital where she is receiving tons of love, good food, peace and quiet. I just checked on her, and the whole vet staff has been spoiling her all evening, because she has already won everyone over with her sweetness!!! For the first time in a long time, Clove ate really well, and they’re going to give her extra meals to help her gain weight. She is resting very happily and peacefully on a super cushy comforter, and is getting so much attention! Clove has medical appointments with two specialists the first of next week, so that we can schedule her surgery and medical care going forward. We are still working on finding the right foster home for her. Initially, Clove needs a quiet home with no other animals, or where she can at least be separated, so she can decompress. Special thanks to trainer Gail Major for all her help, the VCAS staff & volunteers, Joanna

for calling me about Clover, and to those of you who networked Clover and pledged a donation! You are all her Angels. I am so grateful to each and every one of you!

Love, Maripat 💗

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