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Dino Needs Your Help!!!

A woman named Allyson contacted AFLAR recently about an injured Pit Bull that she found, and brought to the shelter. She and her family instantly fell in love with him, and wanted to adopt him if his owners weren’t found. It turned out that the pup's foot was seriously injured and the shelter said that he would most likely need either orthopedic surgery or 8-10 weeks of splinting and X-rays, or even possibly that the leg might need to be amputated. The shelter is not able to provide this kind of serious medical care and treatment. And the family could not afford the cost of medical care that would be required, so they reached out for help to save this pup.

So, with the help and support of AFLAR and rescue angels Terry Rice and Karin Sterling, Allyson and her family adopted the pup whom they have named “DINO.” The outside vet that Dino has been examined by says that because the injury is so severe, surgery is not an option, and that splinting and X-rays are the best course of action. The prognosis with the splinting and X-rays is very good (although there is a very small chance that IF the bones don’t fuse and heal, that amputation would be recommended).

Dino's vet bills are running up, and we have not raised enough to pay for all of his medical care. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

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